The Dochester Collection

Including some of the world’s foremost luxury hotels, The Dorchester Collection wanted to bring all of their hotels under one umbrella website. The website needed to reflect the Dorchester brand with a clean magazine-style layout and use responsive design to optimise the website for use on tablets and phones.

Responsive design

Custom-made grids based on Twitter Bootstrap were used to provide a responsive design that adapts to the users’ screen size. As the client previously had dedicated mobile websites, it was important that the new website provide as good a user experience. The website is also resolution independent; using multiple image sizes, SVG images and icon fonts so that the website is crisp on all displays.

Magazine-style design

The content is presented in a magazine-style layout with well-defined blocks of content and minimalist styling. This was chosen to showcase their content and images in an attractive way but also provide good readability and usability for the user.

Social Media Connect

Social media is an integral part of the clients’ strategy for their online presence so a social media hub was created for the website. This incorporates a tweet map, social media widgets, online reviews and links to each hotels’ social media pages.

Suites & Rooms

The grid of suites and rooms can be filtered by room type and more information can be revealed by clicking on the plus sign on each room.


A dedicated hub features information about each hotel's location including a map of local attractions, a location gallery and what’s on locally.


St James’s Hotel and Club

St James’s is a luxurious 5 star boutique hotel in London whose website needed to reflect the character of the hotel, while showcasing their beautiful rooms and Michelin star awarded restaurant; Seven Park Place.

Responsive design

The website is optimised for display on desktop and tablets with a separate dedicated mobile website.

Rooms & Suites

Each room panel has tabs with more information and also an integrated social media button.

Seven Park Place

A microsite was created for their Michelin star awarded restaurant to highlight it’s beautiful style, delicious food and head Chef William Drabble. The microsite was styled to have strong impact with a striking background and quick access to a gallery of restaurant images.


To show off the delicious cocktails available at the hotel’s bar a parallax scrolling panel was created featuring images, ingredients and instructions.


Lancaster London

With views of Hyde Park, Lancaster London puts its guests at the very centre of this vibrant city. Along with the hotel’s central location and luxury bedrooms, the website also needed to promote Lancaster London as a venue for fine dining, meetings and events.

Fullscreen app-like design

Designed to give the user the feel of a tablet app, the website features a fullscreen background image with fixed navigation and sidebar. Smaller details like an icon for the home link, a slide-out share menu and large buttons reinforce this theme. The website is also responsive to tablet size with a separate mobile website.

Fullscreen gallery

To have maximum impact the gallery was designed to give most of the screen space to the websites images. This ties in with the app-like design of the website.

Attractions map

Emphasising the hotel’s central location, a Google map of the attractions that are close-by allows the user to see all the main attractions at a glance, read more information or find directions from the hotel.


The Ritz Club

A name known the world over, The Ritz Club is one of the most luxurious private members clubs, combining the greatest gaming experience with the finest food and drink. The website needed to illustrate this while connecting it with The Ritz brand.

The Ritz Club on iPad

Responsive design

The website is designed for use on desktop and tablets with a separate mobile website. The website is also resolution independent using icon fonts and SVG images, maintaining sharpness on all displays.

Luxury feel

Fullscreen background images were used to show off the decadent surroundings of The Ritz Club with a narrow content area, which can be hidden. Fonts, colours and spacing were all carefully crafted to reinforce this luxury feel while adhering to The Ritz’s brand guidelines.


Hotel Nevaï

State of the art architecture, inspired by mountain life, Hotel Nevaï has created a unique blend of alpine luxury and ambiance, ensuring the finest stays in Verbier. Capturing the atmosphere of the hotel and the mountainous surroundings was the primary aim of the website.

Large imagery

A large header image area was used throughout the website to give users a feel for the hotel. Fullscreen background images of the hotel’s surroundings show off the natural beauty of the area.

Nevaï on iPad

Responsive design

The website is optimised for use on desktop and tablets with a separate dedicated mobile website.

Farm Club

The Farm Club is the best place to party in Verbier and as part of Hotel Nevaï, a microsite was created for the club. A darker colour scheme and new header image carousel capture the character of the club, while interface elements remain faithful to the style of the hotel website.



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