Portfolio of Front-end Web Developer Nigel O Toole


Cadbury Worldwide Hide

Hider map
A virtual Easter egg hunt using a customised version of Google maps. Hiders hide an egg and send a clue to their loved one. The seeker can find the egg using the clue, hints to narrow the search area and an eggometer showing the distance from their egg. Once found they can then receive a real egg in the post.

Kia Sorento

To launch the All-New Sorento range a showcase page was built with scrolling animations, parallax imagery and 360 viewer.

Cadbury Secret Santa

Home page
Send a free bar of Cadbury chocolate secretly to someone you love. Users sign up, chat live to a postal service worker and record a message using the augmented reality Secret Santa mask.


The VCCP landing page
VCCP is a challenger agency creating innovative and exciting advertising that transforms the fortunes of brands. Rebuilding their online presence with new design and branding across eight regional offices was a huge undertaking. It was built with a brand new modern tech stack that would work at this scale. Emphasizing the use of large imagery and video, the new design makes their work the centre of attention.

O2 Parents vs Kids

O2 and NSPCC teamed up to create a new quiz game to pit parents against kids in a battle of digital wits. The aim is to get families talking about the exciting possibilities of the internet, as well as the risks to look out for by testing both sides' knowledge of the online world.


Home page
Myo provides customised serviced offices in multiple London locations. The offices and facilities are showcased with large imagery and scroll animations. The surrounding areas are also given a lot of attention with a focus on local amenities and transport connections.


The CSM home page
CSM is an agency dedicated to creating great experiences in sport and entertainment. Their website needed to showcase their work and capabilities in an engaging way.

O2 Price Slash

O2 is slashing price for its 2019 Black Friday sales event. This game gives users 30 seconds to slash as many prices as possible while avoiding the bubbles. When the user completes the game they can enter a daily prize draw and see all of O2's Black Friday offers.